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Marketing in China: Barbara Streisand knows how it’s done

Miss Streisand once gave us a whole song devoted to ‘people who need people’ and this lyric could double as a valuable mantra for companies marketing their wares in China.

Is there an answer to marketing complexity?

What is marketing complexity?

Our report: Global digital trends and what they mean to you

We've pulled together some key digital trends from around the world.

How to achieve Loyalty in the B2B World

Account Manager and Trade Clubs 'expert' James Crerar explores the do's and don'ts running a successful Trade Club.

Ello: is there much in it for marketers?

Ello is the latest social media platform with a difference: it promises users that it will never, ever, include advertising in their feeds. So as marketers, should we just ignore it? Paul Bennison explores this...

5 differences between B2B and B2C Marketing

B2C, B2B....B2P? Nicola Armstrong explains the difference...

Everything to everyone? Why we think Tesco’s fresh approach will be a good thing…

Tesco’s approach has, for years, been to be ‘everything to everyone’. Many marketers shook their heads in horror when this strategy became clear several years ago – it goes against everything that marketing stands for...

Six Challenges for Sales & Marketing in the new world - Part Two

Part two of Account Director Nicola's thoughts on some of the key challenges we have to face in 'modern day' marketing.

Communications Planning

Communications Planning in the age of digital, mobile and social media

Six Challenges for Sales & Marketing in the new world - Part One

Times have changed for those in marketing and sales. In this two-part article, we identify six of the key challenges and how to overcome them.

Big Data – the questions you should be asking yourself

Like it or not Big Data is a marketing buzz word that’s here to stay and the truth is it’s getting bigger

If a picture paints a thousand words, just think what a video could do.

Online video continues to gain popularity and, when you consider that YouTube is now the 2nd biggest search engine in the world behind Google, and that Cisco believe that in 3 years’ time video will account of 69% of all consumer traffic, I would be surprised if you can find statistics that suggest online video is not a requirement for your brand.

Peace of Mind: The Key to Franchise Network Service Retention?

After years of losing workshop business to an ever growing band of specialist independents, Ferrari have just launched the second big initiative to keep Ferrari owners within the franchise network.

Time to start profiting from Aftersales?

The recently published Castrol Trend Tracker report suggests that the franchised dealer sector have ended the 7 year decline in servicing visits and for the first time since 2005 the proportion of drivers visiting the franchise networks has increased year-on-year.

McDonald’s launches world’s first fully interactive digital advertising screen.

McDonald's claim that their animated Piccadilly Circus billboard sign 'reflects the democratic values' of the brand. We ask: what's wrong with just doing something cute for the sake of it?

Software Updates in the Automotive World

Technology is a big part of all our lives and the development of technology in vehicles is no exception to this.

Marketing Automation Systems: are they closing the distance between Sales teams and Marketing teams?

We’ve spoken elsewhere in this blog about how ‘automated’ Marketing Technology systems are re-drawing the marketing landscape in ways that we’d scarcely dreamed about just a few short years ago.

4 steps towards effective charity marketing

We’ve worked with a range of charity clients and wanted to share some of the things we have learned from the sector.

Social Media in B2B: 8 mistakes to avoid

Starting off in social media isn’t hard, but it’s easy to make mistakes which will mean your efforts won’t drive the connections and conversions you are looking for. Here are the eight common errors we see companies make when devising and executing their social media strategies.

“A fool flatters himself, a wise man flatters the fool”

In any walk of life flattery tends to go a long way. In the online world this is no different. If someone is focussing on just us we are almost always more amenable. In fact, 94% of businesses say personalisation is critical to their success.

What is digital marketing technology and what will it mean to you?

Technology enabling marketers to execute higher quality integrated marketing campaigns that leverage all their sources of data and all the communications channels available to them.

Big Data in B2B – Cutting through the hype

What is Big Data and what will it mean to you? There’s been so much noise around Big Data that here at Palmer Hargreaves we figured it was time to stop for a moment and look at the real issues.

Customer Insight

Mick Stoves, our Group Marketing Director gives some vital thoughts on customer insight and why it is crucial to your campaign planning.

How do you define what a brand is?

There are lots of ways to define what a brand is; here's one of the best, from Brand Guru Simon Middleton

Is your social media strategy flawed?

a.) This speaks volumes about how some companies approach Social Media. b) It's very funny!

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